Level: Stars:
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Heroes Friends Level Disk
Ralph Vanellope 20

Piece of Cake

Boosts Stuns
  • +9k Skill Power
  • +5s% Stun Length
Elastigirl Vanellope 27

Tough Cookie

"Iron Fist" Skill Hits Backline Enemies
  • +60k Skill Power
  • "Iron Fist" now targets furthest enemy
  • +10s% Energy Gain
  • +6s Reality Negation
Yax Frozone 29

Chill Yax

Boosts Team Damage
  • "Natural Healing" gives whole team +80k basic damage, stacking with each use
  • +8s% Conservation
Vanellope Dash 31

Pulled A Fast One

Boosts damage vs. Slowed Enemies
  • +20k Basic Damage
  • 12s% more damage to slowed enemies
Elastigirl Jack-Jack 33

Drool's Errand

Lowers Reality on Enemies
  • +60k Skill Power
  • Enemies damaged lose 19s% Reality for 20 seconds
Yax Finnick 35

Musk Yax

Boosts "Chill Vibes" Skill
  • +10k Skill Power
  • "Chill Vibes" lasts 1.5s seconds longer
Violet Ralph 37

Wrecking Ball

Shields Stun Enemies
  • +120k Skill Power
  • When Violet's shields expire they stun enemies for 0.8s seconds
Frozone Mr. Incredible 39

Bowling Night

Give Bonus to Tank Allies
  • Tank heroes on team gain 100k Armor
  • Tank heroes on team gain 5s% All Damage Done
Felix Ralph 41

Rapid Fire Fixin'

Boosts Healing
  • +286k Max HP
  • Gains 5s% Attack Speed for each 10% missing HP
Nick Wilde Yax 43

Wild Flamingo Chase

Boosts Charm
  • +20k Skill Power
  • This hero's charm lasts 6s% longer
  • "Charming Fox" has 6s% shorter cooldown
Felix Frozone 45

Golden Snow Cone

Freezes Foes
  • +123k Skill Power
  • Every 7-s basic attacks, Felix freezes the closest enemy for 6 seconds
Mr. Incredible Elastigirl 46

Date Night

Shreds Enemy Armor
  • +156k Basic Damage
  • +122k Skill Power
  • Basic attacks reduce armor by 10s%. Stacks up to 3 times
Calhoun Violet 47

Another Castle

Shields Allies
  • 450k HP shield to allies at start of each wave
  • Shield lasts for 10+5s seconds
Dash Finnick 48

Stray Stereo

Drains Energy
  • +20k Skill Power
  • Removes 2s energy from an enemy when damaging them
Jack-Jack Violet 49

Babe with the Fire Power

Attacks Faster
  • +50k Basic Damage
  • +5s% Attack Speed
Finnick Judy Hopps 50

Final Hustle

Boosts ally damage vs. Slowed Enemies
  • +70k Skill Power
  • Just allies do 7s% more damage to slowed enemies
  • Basic attacks remove 30s energy from enemy
Dash Violet 51

Homeward Bound

More Damage to Shielded Enemies
  • +60k Skill Power
  • +75s% more damage to shielded enemies
Judy Hopps Felix 52

Deputy Junior

Boosts "Deputize" Skill
  • +90k Skill Power
  • +120s% Basic damage from her Inspire buff per support hero on her team
Nick Wilde Judy Hopps 53

Street Art Shuffle

Shields Allies
  • +300k Max HP
  • +40k Skill Power
  • Shields first ally for 18s% of Nick's HP at start of each wave
Calhoun Felix 54

Power of Love

Grants Energy on Enemy Defeat
  • +80k Basic Damage
  • +12s% Energy Gain
Chief Bogo Calhoun 55

Chief Inspector

Boosts Damage and "Criminal Charge" Skill
  • +72k Basic Damage
  • "Criminal Charge" hits multiple enemies, does 30s% more damage, and knocks them back farther with each star level
Finnick Nick Wilde 56

Fight Clubbing

Boosts "Remote Controller" Skill
Jack-Jack Chief Bogo 57

Bogo Buddies

"Rock A Bye" Skill Adds AOE Damage and Stun
  • +15k Skill Power
  • "Rock A Bye" now hits multiple enemies and stuns them for 0.1s second(s)
Mr. Incredible Dash 58

Training Montage

Gets Stronger
  • +320k Max HP
  • Take 2s% less damage for each ally below 60% HP
Judy Hopps Chief Bogo 59

Carrot Caper

Boosts "Play Dead" Skill
  • +300k Max HP
  • +60k Basic Damage
  • "Play Dead" heals an extra 500k HP
  • +5s% Attack Speed
  • +1s second(s) of Invincibility after "Play Dead"
Chief Bogo Mr. Incredible 60

Vigilante Justice

"Serve and Protect" Skill Heals Bogo
  • +69k Skill Power
  • +650k Shield HP
  • "Serve and Protect" shield also heals for 20s% of damage taken
  • +14s% Shield Length
Woody Buzz Lightyear 60

Batteries Included

More Energy
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +100s Energy when a Bullseyed enemy is KO'd
Jessie Judy Hopps 61

Boot Scoot

Chance to Dodge
  • +483k Max HP
  • Jessie has a 8s% chance to dodge enemy attacks
Buzz Lightyear Emperor Zurg 62

World's Greatest Minion

More Lasers
  • +40k Basic Damage
  • +1000k Max HP
  • Gains 30s% attack speed each time he uses his "Power Up" Skill. Max 3 times
Sulley & Boo Ralph 64

Wreck and Repair

Counters Disables With Healing
  • +75k Skill Power
  • Heals 50k HP when Sulley avoids a disable
  • 20s% chance to avoid a disable
Jack Sparrow Nick Wilde 64

One Wilde Night

"Pirate Code" Increases Team Basic Attack

It Takes Two

"Shield Directive" Heals and Targets Two Allies
Rex Woody 66


Allies More Effective Against Shields
  • +5s% Attack Speed
  • Rex's allies do 75k extra damage to shielded enemies
WALL-E Dash 67

Rusty Sidekick

Longer Disables
  • +45k Skill Power
  • +3s% Disable Length to WALL-E and allies
  • Allies gain 7s energy when they disable an enemy
Emperor Zurg Rex 68

#1 Fan

Stronger Against Tanks
  • +50s% more damage to Tank enemies
  • +20k Basic Damage
Mike Wazowski Sulley & Boo 69

Top Scarer

Energy From Stunned Enemies
  • Gain 30s energy when damaging a stunned enemy
  • +20k Skill Power
  • +30s% Stun Length
Ralph Jack Sparrow 71

Hero's Duty

Heals on Stun
  • Heal 40k HP every time an enemy is stunned
  • +5s% Improved Healing
Woody Jessie 72

My Favorite Deputy

Uses "Lasso" at the Beginning of Combat
  • +20k Skill Power
  • "Lasso" will be used first
  • "Lasso" also stuns for 0.75s seconds
Jessie Buzz Lightyear 72

Falling With Style

Start Combat With Energy
  • +71k Basic Damage
  • +200s Starting Energy
Rex Mike Wazowski 73

Ship Shape

Takes Less Damage for Each Damage Ally
  • +550k Max HP per ally whose role is "Damage"
  • +3s% Damage Reduction per ally whose role is "Damage"
Sulley & Boo Woody 74

Play Together

"Healing Laughter" Heals Allies
  • "Healing Laughter" also heals allies for 25s% of amount Sulley heals
  • +120k Skill Power
EVE Calhoun 74

Gift from the Heart

EVE Spreads Disables
  • +120k Skill Power
  • "Ion Shock" stuns for an extra 1.5s seconds
Mike Wazowski Jack-Jack 74

Peel of Laughter

Basic Attack Does Fantastic Damage
  • +20k Basic Damage
  • +5s% Attack Speed
Frozone EVE 75

Cool as Ice

"Stay Frosty" Heals Allies
  • "Stay Frosty" now also freezes allies below 50% HP, healing them for 650k HP over 2 second(s)
  • +4s Reality Negation
Tia Dalma Yax 76

Elephant in the Room

Silences Damage Enemies
  • +15s% Silence Length to Tia Dalma and allies
  • Any silenced enemy takes 90k fantastic damage per second and an additional 120k fantastic damage per second if they are also cursed
Merida Elastigirl 76

Junior Super

Ice Arrows
  • +140k Skill Power
  • Every 3rd arrow Freezes enemies for 2 + 1.5s seconds
Jack Sparrow Hector Barbossa 77

Pirated Music

Increases Max HP, "Avast!" Heals
  • Heals for 15s% of damage done by "Avast!"
  • "Acting Dodgy" has 10s% shorter cooldown
  • +210k Max HP
Quorra EVE 77

Well Read

Heal on Crit
  • +2s Normal Crit
  • +2s Fantastic Crit
  • Heals 135k HP every time this hero Crits
WALL-E Kevin Flynn 78

Legacy Hardware

More Team Energy Storage
  • +65k Skill Power
  • +200s Max Energy to WALL-E and allies
  • For every 400 energy an ally has, they gain 55k basic damage
Tia Dalma Jack Sparrow 78

Mystic Mixture

Charm Damages
  • This hero's charm lasts 20s% longer;When a charmed enemy is cursed, the remaining duration on their charm is increased by 1s seconds
  • "Mystic Charm" deals 90k fantastic damage per second to enemies near charmed enemy
Buzz Lightyear Kevin Flynn 79

Grid Energy

Shields Allies
Hector Barbossa Tia Dalma 79

Hold Court

Study at Combat Start
  • +15k Basic Damage
  • Studies enemies at the start of combat for 2s seconds
Quorra Buzz Lightyear 80

Surge Protector

Start of Combat Shield
  • Quorra gains a shield equal to 40s% of the damage done by Light Cycle for 20 seconds
  • +40k Skill Power
Kevin Flynn Quorra 80

Sweet Glitch

Better Shields
  • +40k Skill Power
  • +40s% Shield HP
  • "Data Shield" grants a 20% chance to avoid disables
Vanellope Merida 82

Ultimate Princess

"Minty Fresh" More Damage; Shorter Cooldown
  • +20k Skill Power
  • "Minty Fresh" does 5s% more damage for each 10% HP target is missing
  • "Minty Fresh" has 10s% shorter cooldown
Violet Merida 83

Investigative Journalism

Increased Shield Length and HP
  • +40k Skill Power
  • +12s% Shield HP to Violet and allies
  • +12s% Shield Length to Violet and allies
Merida Chief Bogo 83

Bullheaded Redhead

Fire Arrows
  • +6s Normal Crit
  • Every 3rd arrow burns enemies for 600k damage over 3 seconds
Hector Barbossa Stitch 84


More Chain Shot
  • +100k Skill Power
  • Now every 2nd and 3rd shot is a chain shot ; "Chain Shot" slow lasts 100s% longer
Maui Moana 84

Master Navigator

More HP For Every Tank
  • +156k Max HP per ally whose role is "Tank"
  • +3s% Max HP to Maui and allies
Stitch Maui 85

Anchor's Away!

Stronger Slow
  • "Slobber" slows 14s% more
  • +144k Basic Damage
Moana Merida 85

Friends of a Feather

Jump Earlier, Farther
Aladdin Genie 86

When You Wish

Health Regeneration Once Per Fight
  • Aladdin regenerates 75k HP per second when he reaches 40% of his max HP for 5 seconds
  • Aladdin becomes invincible for 0.5s seconds when he reaches 40% of his max HP ; This effect can only occur once per battle
Baymax WALL-E 87

Happy Go Lucky

Shields Give Armor; Better Shields
  • +10s% Shield HP
  • +10s% Shield Length
  • "Optimized Armor" also grants allies 100k Armor
Emperor Zurg Hiro Hamada 88

Tools of Conquest

Share Energy With Ally
  • +12k Skill Power to Emperor Zurg and allies
  • 5s% of Energy Gain is also given to an ally
Genie Mike Wazowski 88

Strike Rich

First Wish Grants Shield
  • +209k Skill Power
  • The first wish of "Three Wishes" also grants a shield equal to 180s% of Genie's Skill Power that lasts 20 seconds
  • +156k Reality to allies while they are shielded
Kevin Flynn Baymax 89

Old School Diagnostic

"Power Cleanse" Heals Allies
  • "Power Cleanse" Heals 125k HP over 6 seconds
  • +50s Starting Energy
Hiro Hamada Baymax 89

Robot Mods

Megabot Shield
  • +80s Starting Energy
  • Hiro's Megabot starts with a 188k HP Shield that lasts 10 seconds
  • Hiro's Megabot gets +40s% Attack Speed while shielded from any source
Maui Genie 90

World's Stage

Bite Steals Energy
  • +250k Skill Power
  • +70k Max HP
  • "Shark Bite" steals 20s% of the target's energy
Miguel Rivera Jessie 90

Lost Dog Found

"Serenade" Grants Attack Speed
  • "Serenade" also grants +10s% attack speed per Note in the battle
  • +15k Basic Damage
Hades Jack Sparrow 91


Bonus HP to Tank Allies
  • +310k Max HP
  • Tank heroes on team gain 7s% Max HP
Mickey Mouse Sulley & Boo 91

Lettermouse Jacket

Improved Healing
  • +150k Skill Power
  • +10s% Improved Healing
Moana Mickey Mouse 92

Day at the Beach

"Oceanic Shield" Also Shields Ally
  • +100k Max HP
  • "Oceanic Shield" also grants the shield to weakest ally that has 20 + 10s% HP of the first shield
Maleficent Ursula 92

Shell Game

"Fog of Doom" Drains Energy
  • "Fog of Doom" also removes 50s energy from enemies
  • +75k Skill Power
Mickey Mouse Jack Skellington 92

Dark Chocolate

Damage Allies Get Bonuses
  • +100k Max HP
  • Damage heroes on team gain 100k Max HP
  • Damage role Allies receive +10s% Bonus Damage and Regen from "Team Cheer" and "Oh Boy!"
Scar Maleficent 93

A Thorn By Any Other Name

Invisibility at Low Health
  • +80k Basic Damage
  • Scar activates "Be Prepared" and Prowls one additional time per wave when he reaches 25% of his max HP ; This Prowl lasts 3 + 1.5s seconds
Ursula Hades 94

Signing Bonus

"Something For Nothing" Gives Allies Energy
Aladdin Shank 95

Need for Speed

"Sabre Slash" Increases Attack Speed
  • +70k Basic Damage
  • "Sabre Slash" causes Aladdin's attack speed to increase by 30s% for 6 seconds
Ursula Tia Dalma 95

Crab Mentality

Starting Energy Per Control Ally
  • +75k Skill Power
  • +40s energy on the first wave of combat for every "Control" ally
Shank Elastigirl 95


Build-up More Energy
  • +8s% Energy Gain
  • +85k more Damage negated by Final Lap
  • If enemies are Distracted by Shank or one of her allies when they are damaged by "Final Lap", they are stunned for 2s seconds
Miguel Rivera Elsa 96

Frozen Melody

"Flatten" Freezes; Frozen Enemies Lose Armor
  • All frozen enemies lose 175k Armor
  • Instead of stunning, "Flatten" freezes enemies for 7 + 1s seconds per note
  • +50k Skill Power
Shank Vanellope 97

Get In Gear

Allies Share Armor
  • +120k Basic Damage
  • +260k Armor
  • Allies gain Armor equal to 15s% of Shank's Armor ; Every 3 times Shank is damaged by a Basic Attack, the remaining cooldown on "Piston Slam" is decreased by 1s seconds
Olaf Felix 97

Tool of the Trade

Evade Debuffs
  • +120k Max HP
  • 25% chance to avoid all negative status effects; +40s Energy gained from avoiding negative status effects
Elsa Frozone 98


Longer Freezes
  • +200k Skill Power
  • Freezes from any source freeze Control role enemies 15s% longer
Baymax Olaf 99

Snow Day

"Blast Off" Freezes Enemies
  • +55k Skill Power
  • "Blast Off" also freezes enemies for 0.5 + 0.4s seconds
Maleficent Jack Skellington 99


Deadlier Thorns
Jack Skellington Sally 99

A Lovely Brew

Better Burning
Elsa Olaf 99

Cold Comfort

Shield Tanks
  • +300k Max HP
  • 1400k HP Shield for Tank role allies at the start of each wave
  • Shield lasts 5+3s seconds
Sally Yax 99

Corpse Flower

Tanks Get Reality
  • +125k Reality to Sally and allies
  • Tank heroes on team gain 13s% Reality
Genie Elsa 100

Break the Ice

Basic Attacks Can Freeze
  • +166k Basic Damage
  • Genie's Basic Attack targets 2 enemies;Genie's Basic Attacks have a 12s% chance to freeze enemies for 6 seconds;Enemies also have a 8s% chance to be frozen for 4 seconds when they damage Genie
Sally Tia Dalma 100

Trouble Brewing

Poison is Permanent
  • Deadly Nightshade deals 150k+0.2sp bonus damage when activated per stack of "Poison"
  • "Poison" stacks do not expire and can be stacked without limit ; Sally applies 2 stacks of "Poison" every 6-1s Basic Attacks
Olaf Moana 100

Really Cool Shades

Freezing Twice Does Big Damage
  • +180k Max HP
  • Enemies affected by this memory can take a Max of 4200+330k Damage
  • Enemies that are Frozen while already Frozen take 5s% of their max HP as fantastic damage
Hiro Hamada Darkwing Duck 101

Gadgets and Gizmos

Microbot Stun Affects Multiple Enemies
  • +180k Skill Power
  • "Microbot Stun" also stuns nearby enemies for 1.5s seconds
Alice Miguel Rivera 101

Flower Song

More Enormous Damage
  • +155k Skill Power
  • Alice deals 10s% more damage while "Enormous"
Darkwing Duck Nick Wilde 102

Case Quacked

Disable Shields
  • +110k Skill Power
  • +90k Basic Damage
  • +340k Max HP
  • Darkwing Duck blocks 3 shields every 10 seconds ; Whenever Darkwing Duck blocks a shield, that enemy's attack and move speed are reduced by 8s%
The Mad Hatter Alice 102

Unbirthday Par-tea

Basic Attacks & "Mad Tea Party" Slow
  • +85k Max HP
  • +40k Basic Damage
  • +3s% Attack Speed
  • The Mad Hatter's basic attacks and Mad Tea Party slow enemy movement and attack speed by 1s%
Alice Quorra 102

Royal Flush

Shielded When Enormous
  • +100k Max HP
  • +65k Armor to Alice and allies
  • Allies receive 5s% of Alice's Max HP as a shield that lasts 6 seconds the first time she becomes "Enormous"
Stitch The Mad Hatter 103

Highly Caffeinated

Bite More Enemies
  • +99k Skill Power
  • Stitch bites all enemies with "626 Scuffle" ; Subsequent bites deal 525k damage
  • +20s% Improved Healing to Stitch and allies
Darkwing Duck Mr. Incredible 103

Sticking Point

Crit Counterattack
  • +90k Armor
  • +90k Reality
  • The first 4 enemies that crit Darkwing Duck are stunned for 1.5s seconds
Gaston Calhoun 103

Tough Training

More Damage to Stunned
  • +115k Basic Damage
  • Gaston deals 10s% more damage to stunned enemies
The Queen of Hearts Alice 103

Fur Ball

Hardy Buffs on Wave Start
  • +115k Armor to allies with an Attack Speed buff
  • The Queen of Hearts begins each wave with 2 stacks of Hardy and gains 1s stacks of hardy when "Temper, Temper" activates
Scar The Queen of Hearts 104


Attack Speed on Ally KO
  • +40k Basic Damage
  • Scar gains 10s% attack speed for the rest of the wave whenever an ally is KO'd
Jack Skellington The Mad Hatter 105

All Ducked Out

More Ducks
The Queen of Hearts Rex 105

Royal Ride

"Off With Their Head!" Deals True Damage
  • +185k Skill Power
  • "Off With Their Head!" deals between 220k and 390k True damage;This deals more damage the farther the enemy was shuffled
  • "Off With Their Head!" stuns enemies 1s seconds longer;This bonus stun duration is reduced the farther the enemy is shuffled
Hades Megara 106

Carved in Stone

Boosts Team's Damage Over Time Skills
  • +115k Skill Power
  • Hades' team's damage over time skills do 20s% more damage
Hercules Megara 106

Victory Urned

"What Goes Around" Stuns Longer
  • +100k Skill Power
  • +120k Max HP
  • "What Goes Around" stuns enemies 0.5s seconds longer and knocks enemies further per star
Megara Aladdin 107

Cymbalic Monkey

Longer Disables
  • +95k Max HP
  • +115k Skill Power
  • +15s% Disable Length
Megara Shank 109

Driving Force

Linked Ally Protection
  • +80k Basic Damage
  • +65k Skill Power
  • When Megara is KO'd, the ally she was linked with becomes invincible for 1.5s seconds
Hercules Maui 110

Going for Gold

"True Hero" Invincibilty to Tanks
  • +110k Max HP to Hercules and allies
  • "True Hero" also grants invincibility for 1+1.5s seconds to all Tank Role allies
Goofy Mickey Mouse 111

Stupefying Sandwich

"How to Goof" Shields Allies from Disables
  • "How to Goof" gives allies a shield with 330k HP
  • Allies shielded by "How to Goof" resist disables; Instead of being disabled, allies are healed for 3s% of Goofy's max HP
Robin Hood Merida 113

Double the Bows

"Hard Nocks" Stuns Longer
  • +260k Basic Damage
  • "Hard Nocks" knocks enemies back further and stuns 2s seconds longer;Robin Hood targets the enemy with the most energy with "On Target"
Merlin Genie 114

Vacation Buddies

More Books from "Medieval Muddle"
  • +220k Skill Power
  • +250k Armor
  • Merlin summons 1 + 1s more books with "Medieval Muddle" that hit random enemies
Robin Hood Nick Wilde 115

Fox Tracking

Super Crit Studied Enemies
  • Robin Hood and his allies heal 420k HP when they damage a studied enemy
  • Robin Hood and his allies have a 20s% chance to super crit instead of crit studied enemies
Duke Caboom Woody 115

Badge of Bravery

"Oh Yeah" Heals Allies
  • +550k Max HP
  • +280k Armor
  • "Oh Yeah" also heals allies for 10s% of Duke Caboom's max HP
Goofy Jessie 117

High-Note Hat

Blinded Enemies Take More Damage
  • +250k Max HP
  • +100k Basic Damage
  • Blinded enemies take 40s% more damage while blinded
Ducky & Bunny Merlin 118

Squirrel Around

"Support" and "Control" Ally Buff
  • +100k Basic Damage
  • Control heroes on team gain 150k Skill Power
  • Support heroes on team gain 150k Skill Power
  • +20s% Improved Healing per ally whose role is "Support"
  • +5s% Attack Speed per ally whose role is "Control"
Bo Peep Joy 120

Flock Jacket

Heals When Blocking Projectiles
Joy Olaf 121

Bursting with Happiness

"Happiness" equals Armor
  • Each stack of "Happiness" also grants allies 30k armor
  • Joy starts combat with 1s stacks of "Happiness"
Anger Emperor Zurg 122

Calling all Creeps

"Rage" Buffs Damage Heroes
  • Each stack of "Rage" also grants Damage role allies 140k basic damage
  • The attack speed buff from "Fired Up" lasts 2s seconds longer
Anger Hades 123

Broken Buttress

Faster, Hotter Basic Attacks
  • Anger's basic attacks also deal 250k normal damage over 3 seconds
  • The cap on Anger's "Rage" is increased by 5 stacks
  • +5s% Attack Speed
Bo Peep Woody 124

On the Lamb

Stronger Armor Reduction
  • Enemies damaged by "Deflection Spin" lose 300k armor for 10 seconds;This effect stacks up to 5 times
  • Allies deal 15s% more damage to enemies with an armor debuff
Joy Anger 125

Eat Your Feelings

Blocks Enemy Disables
  • When an enemy attempts to disable one of Joy's allies, she blocks the disable, removes a stack of "Happiness" and heals the ally for 425k HP
  • Joy can block a disable once every 12-2s seconds
Peter Pan Robin Hood 125


Duel Longer With "Air Parry"
  • +250k Basic Damage
  • Peter Pan duels for 1s seconds longer during "Air Parry"
Peter Pan Alice 126

You Can Lye

"Neverland Rally" Buffs Allies
Rafiki Merlin 126

Natural Magic

Longer Stuns and Blinds
Ducky & Bunny Timon & Pumbaa 127

Stuffed Yet Satisfying

Stronger "Carney Clash," Burning Lasers
  • "Laser Eyes" causes enemies to take 400k damage over 5 seconds
  • "Carney Clash" stuns Damage role enemies for 2.5s seconds
  • +5s Evasion
The Beast Sulley & Boo 127

Work's a Beast

Stronger VS Damage Enemies
  • +115k Armor
  • Activating "Rage of the Beast" deals 627.5k damage to all Damage role enemies
  • Beast's armor is increased by 20s% for each Damage role enemy
Jafar Gaston 127

Twelve Dozen Gems

"Snake Charmer" Steals HP and Energy
  • "Snake Charmer" deals 240k damage per second and heals Jafar for the same amount
  • The enemy charmed by "Snake Charmer" does not gain energy and 20s% of the energy they would have gained is given to each ally
Merlin The Beast 128

Lessons Learned

Invisible Allies Attack Faster
  • +55k Basic Damage to Merlin and allies
  • +80k Skill Power
  • Invisible allies' attack speed is increased by 15s%
Timon & Pumbaa Scar 128

Nap Nest

Skills Remove Armor from Enemies
The Mad Hatter Rafiki 129

Strong Brew

Better Charms
  • +100k Skill Power
  • Charmed enemies attack and movement speed are increased by 40s%; Charmed enemies do not gain energy while charmed
Rafiki Jack-Jack 129

Baboon Biscuit

"Healing Breath" Heals Allies
  • "Healing Breath" also heals allies for 10s% of what it heals Rafiki for
  • +180k Armor to Rafiki and allies
  • +180k Max HP to Rafiki and allies
Jasmine Shank 129

Ready to Ride

Gain Attack Speed After "Tiger Strike"
  • +325k Basic Damage to Jasmine
  • When "Tiger Strike" is activated, Jasmine and Rajah's attack speeds are increased by 40s% for 11 seconds
Jafar Scar 130

Pin It To Me

Use "Whirling Dervish" at the Beginning of Each Wave
Jasmine Aladdin 130

Market Adventure

Duplicate Energy Stolen by "Energy Vortex" to Allies
Timon & Pumbaa Stitch 130

Not Lei-ing Around

Improved "Hakuna Matata"
  • "Hakuna Matata" also gives allies 150k skill power and 100k basic damage
  • "Hakuna Matata" activates again when Timon & Pumbaa reach 50% of their max HP and lasts 8 +2s seconds
Huey, Dewey, & Louie Joy 131

Always Prepared

More Effective Against Tanks
  • Tank role enemies lose 325k Armor
  • Tank role enemies take 450k bonus fantastic damage when they are stunned by Huey, Dewey, and Louie
  • Tank role enemies are stunned 15s% longer by Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Miss Piggy The Queen of Hearts 133

Very Important Piggy

Knockback Immunity
  • "Hi-Ya!" deals 800k fantastic damage over 5 seconds to Tank role enemies
  • Miss Piggy is immune to knockbacks and gains 75s energy whenever someone attempts to knock her back
Simba & Nala Miguel Rivera 135

Cut-Out Cubs

Increased Damage to Reduced Armor Enemies
  • +120k Basic Damage
  • +740k Max HP
  • Simba & Nala deal 30s% more damage to enemies with an Armor debuff; After using "Tussling Twosome", Simba and Nala's Basic Attacks also deal damage to nearby enemies for 2+1.5s seconds
Miss Piggy Gaston 135

Tailor Made

Disable Dodging
  • When Miss Piggy dodges a disable, she is healed for 325k HP
  • Miss Piggy dodges 1s more disables during a wave and receives the bonuses from "Hands Off!"
Animal WALL-E 135

Downbeat Beatdown

Control Enemy Countermeasures
  • When a Control role enemy uses their active skill, Animal heals himself and his allies for 300k HP
  • Charmed allies' attack and movement speed are slowed by 1s%
Yzma Ursula 135

Vile Vial

Curse Enemies Each Wave
  • Cursed enemies lose 200k armor
  • Each wave, enemies are cursed for the first 3s seconds of combat
  • +200k Armor
Gonzo Duke Caboom 137


Speedy Enemy Countermeasures
  • Support role enemies lose 200k Basic Damage
  • Damage heroes on team gain 175k Basic Damage
  • Gonzo reduces the duration of all attack and movement speed buffs applied to enemies by 15s%
Yzma Miss Piggy 138

Bad News

Faster, Chaotic Potions
  • +177k Basic Damage
  • +152k Skill Power
  • When Yzma reaches 50% HP, her attack speed increases by 30s% for the rest of the wave, she randomly chooses enemies to target with her basic attack, and every potion thrown will trigger a debuff from "Alchemy"
Animal Gonzo 140

Louder! LOUDER!!!

Faster Over Time
  • Allies start each wave with a shield with 50k HP that lasts 10 seconds
  • Every 5 seconds, allies' attack speeds are increased by 5s% for the rest of the wave
Scrooge McDuck Hercules 140

Rewrite History

Stunning "Coin Collection"
  • Each coin during "Coin Collection" deals 112k more damage per enemy it passes through
  • The closest Damage role enemy to Uncle Scrooge is stunned for 2.5s seconds when damaged by "Coin Collection"
Megavolt Emperor Zurg 141

High-Voltage Villainy

Tank Enemy Countermeasures
  • When a Tank role enemy receives a shield, they are dealt 377k damage and receive 5 stacks of "Charged"
  • "Ecstatic Charge" also deals 7s% of a Tank role enemy's max HP as Fantastic damage
Simba & Nala Huey, Dewey, & Louie 142

Tin Toy Robot

"Tussling Twosome" Silences Enemies
  • +175k Skill Power
  • +575k Max HP
  • Simba and Nala prefer to target Control role enemies with "Tussling Twosome" and deal 30s% more damage to them; "Tussling Twosome" Silences enemies hit for 2.5s seconds
Randall Boggs Yzma 142

Transfiguration Time

True Damage on Basic Attack
  • At the start of every wave, Randall's first 7 basic attacks also deal 386k true damage
  • Randall has a 20s% chance to remove all active buffs from enemies he hits with his basic attack
Captain Hook Hector Barbossa 143

Filthy Lucre

Enemies are Sapped Each Wave
  • +107k Basic Damage
  • +132k Skill Power to Captain Hook and allies
  • Each wave, enemies are sapped for the first 1s seconds of combat
Randall Boggs Gaston 144

Tricks of the Trade

Dodge after "Scream Selection"
  • +135k Basic Damage
  • +123k Max HP
  • When Randall becomes visible after using "Scream Selection", he dodges all basic attacks and skills for 1s seconds
Megavolt Finnick 145

Pawsome Puncher

Shorter Enemy Disables
  • When Control role enemies disable one of Megavolt's allies, their skill power is reduced by 193k for the rest of the wave
  • The duration of Control role enemies' disables are reduced by 15s%
Scrooge McDuck Huey, Dewey, & Louie 145

Model Role Model

"Coin Collection" Magnetizes Enemy
  • Uncle Scrooge pulls the enemy with the least HP to him when he uses "Coin Collection", dealing 281k to each enemy they pass through
  • Uncle Scrooge pulls the enemy with the least HP to him when he uses "Coin Collection", stunning them for 2s seconds
Donald Duck Anger 145

Heavy Hitter

True Damage when Threatened
  • +170k Basic Damage
  • When Donald falls below 50% of his max HP, his basic attacks deal 6s% of his basic damage as bonus True Damage
Gonzo Launchpad McQuack 146


Stronger Shields
  • +110k Max HP to Gonzo and allies
  • +100k Skill Power
  • +3s% Shield HP to Gonzo and allies
Launchpad McQuack Hiro Hamada 146

Hero's Journey

Red Team
  • Control heroes on team gain 20s% Stun Length
  • +183k Skill Power to Red Team allies
  • Control heroes on team gain 682k Max HP
Captain Hook Peter Pan 147

Row Yer Boat

"Cold Steel" Shields, Blocks Projectiles
  • Captain Hook applies a shield with 960k HP to all allies when he uses "Cold Steel"
  • Captain Hook blocks all projectiles from passing him when he is channeling "Cold Steel"
  • The shield applied to allies at the start of "Cold Steel" lasts 3+2s seconds
Oogie Boogie Randall Boggs 147

A Hardhat Bet

Scared Enemies Slower
  • +121k Armor to Oogie Boogie and allies
  • +386k Max HP
  • Scared enemies' attack speeds are reduced by 7.5s%
Huey, Dewey, & Louie Donald Duck 148

Dapper Ducks

Buffing Bear Traps
  • Whenever an enemy triggers a bear trap, all debuffs are cleared from Huey, Dewey, and Louie and they are healed for 270k HP
  • Each bear trap triggered increases Huey, Dewey, and Louie's attack speed by 5s% for the rest of the wave
Gizmoduck Launchpad McQuack 148

Duck Gear

Variety Ally Buffs
  • +382k Max HP to Red Team allies
  • Allies gain 12s% of Gizmoduck's armor from "Calculated Move";When Gizmoduck or an ally study an enemy, the hero who studied that enemy gains 10s energy
  • Allies heal 381k HP when they damage a studied enemy
Madam Mim Oogie Boogie 148

Tricks and Wagers

Buff Damage Role Allies
  • Madam Mim increases the max HP and basic damage of all Damage role allies by 10s%
  • Damage heroes on team gain 160k Skill Power
  • +256k Max HP per ally whose role is "Damage"
  • +75k Armor per ally whose role is "Damage"
  • +90k Basic Damage per ally whose role is "Damage"
Donald Duck Scrooge McDuck 149

Helpful To A Vault

Invincible on Hit
  • +105k Basic Damage
  • When Donald is damaged he becomes invincible for 0.6s seconds;Donald can become invincible once every 7 seconds
Launchpad McQuack Darkwing Duck 150


Team Fantastic Damage
  • +135k Basic Damage to Launchpad McQuack and allies
  • +85k Armor to Launchpad McQuack and allies
  • Allies' basic attacks deal fantastic damage instead of normal damage for the first 3s seconds of each wave
Oogie Boogie Captain Hook 150

Deadly Dealings

Long-lasting Skill Power
  • +257k Max HP to Oogie Boogie and allies
  • +189k Skill Power to Oogie Boogie and allies
  • +162k Armor
  • Each time that Oogie Boogie uses "Snake Eyes," Oogie gains 1.5s% more skill power up to 150%;This buff lasts between waves
Magica De Spell Megavolt 151

Live Wire

Invulnerable Enemies Deal Less Damage
  • +146k Skill Power
  • +492k Max HP to Blue Team allies
  • Invisible and invincible enemies deal 16s% less damage
  • Damage role enemies lose 50k Basic Damage
Magica De Spell Jafar 151

Unlucky Duck

Stun Attackers When KO'D
  • Magica gains 96k skill power for the rest of the wave when an ally is KO'd
  • When an enemy KO's an ally, they are stunned for 2s seconds
  • +520k Max HP
Madam Mim Magica De Spell 155

Magical Ride

"Wizard Duel" Drains Energy
  • Tank role enemies lose 210k Reality
  • +235k Skill Power
  • +150k Armor
  • Enemies lose 125k Armor per stack of Hardy on them
  • If enemies begin a wave with more than 250 energy, they are Hexed for 10 seconds and all of their stacks of Hardy are removed. If enemies attempt to use their active skill while Hexed, they are stunned for 2s seconds
Flynn Rider Rapunzel 155

Cozy Light

Charm on Sapped
  • +182k Skill Power
  • +141k Armor
  • Each time Flynn saps an enemy, they have a 20s% chance of being charmed for 6+1s seconds
Flynn Rider Aladdin 155

Street Smart

Extend Debuffs on Enemies
  • +385k Max HP
  • +164k Basic Damage to Yellow Team allies
  • The active debuffs on enemies damaged by "Thief's Opportunity" are increased by 4+1s seconds;The cooldown of Flynn's "Thief's Opportunity" is reduced by 1+1s seconds
Rapunzel Jasmine 155

Princess Practicum

Allies Stronger vs Shields
  • +120k Skill Power to Rapunzel and allies
  • +105k Basic Damage to Rapunzel and allies
  • Enemies with a shield lose 85k basic damage
  • Allies deal 8s% more damage to enemies with a shield
Rapunzel Bo Peep 155

Best Daily Reminder

"Frying Pan Pummel" Slows
  • Enemies knocked back by "Frying Pan Pummel" are dealt 428k damage
  • When enemies are damaged by "Frying Pan Pummel", their movement speeds are reduced by 18s% for 8 seconds
Colette Sally 155

Oily Caper

Larger "Onion Blind" AOE
  • The area of effect of "Onion Blind" is 10s% larger
  • +135k Skill Power
  • +150s Starting Energy
Colette Megara 155

Cook's Contract

Target "Most Wanted" Enemy
  • Colette instead targets the Most Wanted enemy with "Carrot Chop";The Most Wanted enemy is the enemy who is dealing the most damage to allies;The stun from "Carrot Chop" lasts 2s seconds longer
  • +420k Max HP
  • +165k Skill Power
Linguini & Remy Miss Piggy 155

Haute Cuisine

Faster Attacks with "Hardy"
  • +85k Reality to Linguini & Remy and allies
  • +183k Skill Power
  • When an ally loses a stack of hardy, their attack speed is increased by 4s% up to a max of 150%
Linguini & Remy Colette 155

Whisked Around

Buff Support Role Allies
  • +188k Reality
  • Support heroes on team gain 140k Basic Damage
  • +15s% Improved Healing
  • Support heroes on team gain 10s% Improved Healing
Dr. Facilier Jafar 155

Cold-Blooded Style

"Seeing Green" Shield Heals
  • +143k Skill Power
  • +102k Basic Damage
  • When an enemy is turned into a frog by "Seeing Green", they hop toward Dr. Facilier until they are adjacent to him
  • 4 seconds after Dr. Facilier uses "Seeing Green", he restores 5s% of the missing HP of his shield
Kida Hercules 156

Hero's Mask

Longer Crystal Form
  • +550k Max HP
  • 82k basic damage while "Crystal Heal" is active
  • If Kida KO's an enemy while "Crystal Heal" is active, she remains in crystal form for 2s seconds longer
  • +45k Armor
Powerline Goofy 156


Blinded Enemies are Slower
  • +86k Skill Power
  • +50k Skill Power to Powerline and allies
  • Blinded enemies' attack speeds are reduced by 7s%
Gizmoduck Duke Caboom 157


Steal Armor
  • +213k Skill Power
  • +246k Armor
  • "Suit Scan" also steals 10s% of the armor from the target's allies;+50s% maximum armor steal from each enemy;"Suit Scan" also makes Gizmoduck invincible for 7 seconds if he steals armor from an enemy with more armor than him
Tron Kevin Flynn 157


Starting Energy
  • +135k Skill Power
  • +419k Max HP
  • +200s Starting Energy
Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo Hank & Dory 157

School Crossing

Shorter Enemy Invulnerability
  • Enemies lose 62k Armor
  • +136k Skill Power
  • The duration of invincible and invisible buffs applied to enemies are reduced by 8s%
Hank & Dory Rafiki 157

Clown and Baboon

Disabled Enemies Take More Damage
  • +92k Basic Damage to Hank & Dory and allies
  • Disabled enemies take 8s% more damage
Tron Gizmoduck 158

Save the Arcade

Barriers for Tank Allies
  • +121k Skill Power
  • Tank heroes on team gain 176k Skill Power
  • Tank role allies receive 2 stacks of hardy at the beginning of each wave, regenerate 1 stacks of hardy every 11-s seconds, and can receive a max of 3 stacks of hardy from "Distributed Process"
Kristoff & Sven Flynn Rider 158

Creep Your Hands Warm

"Most Wanted" Enemy is Slowed
  • +280k Max HP
  • +75k Basic Damage to Kristoff & Sven and allies
  • The "most wanted" enemy's attack and movement speeds are reduced by 8s%;The "most wanted" enemy is the enemy who has done the most damage
Kida Jasmine 159

Stony Disposition

Faster Attacks With High Energy
  • +176k Skill Power
  • +131k Reality
  • Allies' attack speeds are increased by 15s% while they have more than 500 energy
  • +80k Basic Damage
Kristoff & Sven Kida 159

Crystal Carriage

Sven Heals Team Over Time
  • +399k Max HP to Kristoff & Sven
  • +95k Armor to Kristoff & Sven
  • While Sven is in combat, allies heal 0.5s% of their max HP per second;The first time Sven reaches 0.5s% of his max HP, he becomes invincible for 1s second
Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo Simba & Nala 160


Convert Armor to Shields
Powerline Ducky & Bunny 160

Exclusive Perks

"Electrifying Entrance" Clears Debuffs
  • +160k Max HP to Powerline and allies
  • When Powerline enters combat with "Electrifying Entrance", all debuffs are cleared from himself and allies and the farthest back ally gains 60s energy
Dr. Facilier Maleficent 160

Queen of the Other Side

"Shadow Snake" Deals Bonus Damage
  • Damage role enemies lose 8s% Attack Speed
  • +117k Reality to Dr. Facilier and allies
  • +132k Basic Damage
  • "Shadow Snake" targets the enemy with the most basic damage and deals 15s% of the target's basic damage as bonus damage
Hank & Dory Winnie the Pooh 161

Floating Along

"A Bit Forgetful" Gives "Hardy"
Tigger Robin Hood 161

Pay Back

Gain Energy on Speed Buff
  • Whenever Tigger's attack or movement speed is increased, he heals for 263k HP
  • Whenever Tigger's attack or movement speed is increased, he gets 65s energy
  • +110k Basic Damage
  • +104k Armor
Winnie the Pooh Tigger 162

Bumbling Bees

Extra Stacks of "Hunny"
  • +222k Max HP to Winnie the Pooh and allies
  • +112k Basic Damage
  • Every time Pooh's honey applies a stack of "Hunny", there is a 15s% chance to apply another stack
Goliath Chief Bogo 163

Stoney Stoicism

Increase Team's Armor
  • +510k Max HP
  • +130k Skill Power to Goliath and allies
  • +560k HP Regen
  • Goliath and his allies' armor are increased by 35s%.
Eeyore Winnie the Pooh 164

Bearly Cloudy

Stronger "Black Rain Cloud"
  • +130k Reality
  • +72k Armor to Eeyore and allies
  • If enemies are already sapped, Eeyore's "Black Rain Cloud" deals 218k damage
  • If enemies are already sapped, Eeyore's "Black Rain Cloud" stuns them for 2s seconds
Duke Caboom Goofy 165

Stunt Team

"Stunt Spectacular" Stunts Stun and Knocks Back
Tigger Ducky & Bunny 165

Stripes and Polka Dots

Stronger Knockbacks
  • When Tigger knocks back an enemy, there is a 12s% chance the enemy gets knocked back for double the distance and is stunned for 1s seconds
  • +103k Basic Damage
  • +52k Reality to Tigger and allies
  • +5s% Energy Gain
Winnie the Pooh Goofy 165

Mistaken Identity

Healing Shared to Allies
  • +122k Armor
  • +293k Max HP to Winnie the Pooh and allies
  • Whenever Pooh heals himself, his allies also heal for 15s% of his healing
Shan Yu Dr. Facilier 165

Stack the Cards

Longer Studies
  • +117k Basic Damage
  • +359k Max HP
  • Studied enemies lose 110k basic damage
  • The duration of Shan Yu's and allies' studies are increased by 15s%
Shan Yu Randall Boggs 165

Rocky Alliance

"Volley of Arrows" Silences Shielded Enemies
  • +145k Skill Power
  • +10s% Energy Gain
  • When enemies with a shield are damaged by "Volley of Arrows", they are also silenced for 5+2s seconds
Mushu Mulan 165

Fiery Training

Increased Reality While Blinded
  • Mushu and his allies' reality is increased by 65s% while blinded
  • +320k Max HP
  • +101k Reality to Mushu and allies
Mushu Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo 165

Next Great Guardian

Super Crit Scared Enemies
  • When Mushu deals fantastic damage to a scared enemy, he has a 20s% chance to super crit instead of crit
  • +170k Skill Power
  • +140k Basic Damage
Mulan Bo Peep 165

Good Luck Charm

Heal on Crits
  • Mulan heals 355k HP every 2 times she crits with her basic attack
  • +50s% Shield HP
Mulan Colette 165

Not So Knife

Knockback on Basic Attack
  • Every 3 basic attacks knock back enemies and deal 60s% more damage
  • +374k Max HP to Blue Team allies
  • +162k Basic Damage
Belle Quorra 166

Hitting the Books

Faster Dodge, Longer Saps
  • +245k Reality to allies while they are frozen
  • +439k Max HP to Belle and allies
  • (Book Only) The cooldown of "No Distractions" is reduced by 1.05s seconds;(Stick Only) The sap from "A Bit Alarming" lasts 1s seconds longer
The Evil Queen Gaston 166

Fair Sight

Enemies Stunned Longer
  • +17s% Stun Length to allies
  • +120k Basic Damage
  • The Evil Queen gains 63k skill power each time an enemy is stunned;The Evil Queen carries over 50% of this buff to the next wave
Goliath The Beast 167

A Beastly Ordeal

"Fully Guarded" Blocks Knockbacks
  • +200s Starting Energy
  • Red Team enemies' Basic Damage decreased by 150k
  • +125k Basic Damage
  • +556k Max HP
  • While channeling "Fully Guarded", Goliath and his allies have a 20s% chance to block knockbacks
Gaston Belle 168

Slow Treads

Longer Stuns
  • +105k Basic Damage
  • +320k Max HP
  • +12s% Disable Length
The Beast Belle 169

Dinner for Two

Dodges Scares and Slows Scarers
  • +170k Reality to allies while they are scared
  • +262k Max HP to The Beast and allies
  • The Beast can dodge a scare once every 3 seconds;If an enemy attempts to scare The Beast and he dodges it, the enemy's attack speed is reduced by 15s% for 7 seconds
Syndrome Yzma 169

Suitable Ploy

Immunity to Slows
  • Syndrome is immune to all slows and slows applied to allies are 19s% less effective
  • +550k Skill Power
  • +1300k Max HP to Syndrome and allies
Belle Miguel Rivera 170

Don't Stop the Music

Gain Energy on Hardy Buffs
  • +150k Skill Power
  • +180k Reality to allies while they have a hardy buff
  • Belle gains 20s energy each time an ally gets a stack of hardy
Syndrome Magica De Spell 170

Technical Magic

Debuff Studied Enemies
  • +450k Skill Power to Syndrome and allies
  • If Syndrome stuns a studied enemy, they are stunned for 20s% longer
  • Enemies lose 500k Armor while they are studied
The Evil Queen Madam Mim 170

Witch's Delight

More Damage to Fast Enemies
  • +103k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 87k Reality
  • The Evil Queen and her allies deal 30s% more damage to enemies who have active increased attack speed buffs
Li Shang Mulan 170

Recruit Search

"Raging Fire" Silences
  • When Li Shang uses "Raging Fire", the enemy with the most energy is silenced for 3+2s seconds
  • +186k Reality
  • +236k Basic Damage to allies while they are shielded
Li Shang Kristoff & Sven 170

Keeping Your Cool

Team Chance to Dodge Blinds
  • Support heroes on team gain 150k Skill Power
  • Control role enemies lose 145k Skill Power
  • Li Shang and support role allies have a 18s% chance to dodge blinds
Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse 173


Shorter Enemy Stuns
  • +169k Basic Damage
  • +215k Reality to Blue Team allies
  • The duration of Control role enemies' stuns are reduced by 16s%
Davy Jones Oogie Boogie 174

Bad To The Bone

Improved Curses
  • +141k Basic Damage
  • +93k Basic Damage to allies
  • Curses block 50 + 10s% of healing on cursed enemies instead of the usual 50% block to healing
Davy Jones Captain Hook 174

Crook Hook

Debuff Studied Enemies
  • Enemies lose 115k Armor while they are studied
  • +680k Max HP
  • Studied enemies deal 17s% less damage to the Dead Man's Chest
Eeyore Minnie Mouse 175

A Donkey Tale

"Home Sweet Home" Counters Disables
  • +330k Max HP
  • +62k Armor to Eeyore and allies
  • Every 2 seconds, if an enemy attempts to disable Eeyore while he is shielded by "Home Sweet Home", the enemy is stunned for 1s seconds
Minnie Mouse Miss Piggy 176

Word Of Mouse

Sap Charmed Enemies
  • "Smell The Flowers" has 12s% shorter cooldown
  • +380k basic damage to charmed enemies
  • Charmed enemies are also sapped
Baloo King Louie 177

Feeling Groovy

Charmed Enemies Lose Armor
  • Baloo takes 20s% less damage while an enemy is charmed
  • Enemies lose 200k Armor while they are charmed
  • +250k Skill Power
  • Control heroes on team gain 350k Max HP
King Louie Animal 178

Wild Rhythym

Banana Peels Start on Battlefield
  • +184k Skill Power
  • +131k Reality to allies
  • The battle starts with 2s bananas already on the battlefield;The total number of bananas allowed on the battlefield is now 12 bananas
Baloo Simba & Nala 180

Cool Cubs

Heal Over Time Effects Last Longer
  • Allies with a heal over time effect gain 250k basic damage
  • Heal over time effects on Baloo or his allies last 3s seconds longer
  • +200k Armor to Baloo and allies
Jumba Stitch 180

Home Video

Allies Gain "Precise"
  • When Jumba uses "Thermal Sight", all allies behind him are precise for 3s seconds
  • +135k Basic Damage to Jumba and allies
  • +965k Max HP
King Louie Peter Pan 181

Monkey Out Of Me

Last Enemy is Slowed
  • +153k Armor to King Louie and allies
  • If one enemy remains in combat their attack and movement speed is reduced by 15s% for the remainder of the wave
Pleakley Moana 181

Buzz Award

Enemy Freezes Less Effective
  • +295k Armor to allies while they are frozen
  • Each time Pleakley or an ally is frozen, they gain 62k basic damage
  • Freezes on Pleakley and his allies are 2s% shorter per 5% HP they are missing
Cheshire Cat Hank & Dory 182

Fishy Friends

Stun Sapped Enemies
  • +179k Skill Power
  • +216k Armor to Blue Team allies
  • Sapped enemies damaged by The Cheshire Cat are stunned for 1.6s seconds
Basil of Baker Street Randall Boggs 183

Perfect Clue

Silenced Allies Gradually Heal
  • +190k Basic Damage to allies while they are silenced
  • +875k Max HP to Basil of Baker Street and allies
  • Allies with a silence are healed for 3s% of their max HP per second
Jumba Animal 184

Wild Encounter

"Plasma Cannon" Stuns Damage Enemies
  • Damaging enemies with "Plasma Cannon" removes their attack and movement speed buffs
  • "Plasma Cannon" stuns damage role enemies 3s seconds longer
  • +196k Armor
  • +166k Basic Damage
Cheshire Cat The Mad Hatter 185

Nutty As A Fruitcake

Energy When Enemies Invisible
  • +242k Skill Power
  • +181k Basic Damage
  • When an enemy goes invisible, the remaining cooldown of "Head Toss" is reduced to 0;When The Cheshire Cat stuns an invisible enemy, he gains 120s energy
Pleakley Jumba 185

Alien Disguise

Damage Over Time Effects Also Slow
  • +265k Skill Power
  • +112k Reality
  • +193k Skill Power to allies
  • Each unique damage over time effect reduces the attack and movement speed of enemies by 16% up to a maximum of 16s%
Slinky Dog Tigger 185

Bounce Around

Allies Gain Reality While Scared
  • When destroyed shields deal damage, deal 380k fantastic damage
  • Every time 7-1s ally shields are destroyed all enemies are damaged; Shields must be reduced to 0 HP to count as destroyed
  • +175k Skill Power to allies
Basil of Baker Street Mushu 186

Hot On The Trail

Enemies With Damage Over Time Deal Less Damage
  • Enemies lose 200k Reality while they have damage over time effects
  • +90k Basic Damage
  • Enemies with a Damage Over Time effect deal 10s% less damage from skills and basic attacks
Maximus Timon & Pumbaa 186

Scarab Special

"Sword Swat" Chance to Remove Enemy Buffs
  • "Sword Swat" has a 20s% chance to remove all buffs from Damage role enemies
  • +265k Armor
  • +136k Skill Power
Angel Stitch 187

Sugar and Spice

Enemies Gain Less Energy From Attacks
  • Enemies gain 10s% less energy when they basic attack
  • Enemies lose 75k Basic Damage while they are silenced
  • Enemies lose 90k Reality while they are silenced
Slinky Dog Powerline 188

Spring to Action

Burst Shields Deal Damage
  • Allies reality is increased by 40s% while scared
  • +170k Reality
  • +386k Reality to allies while they are shielded
Angel Miguel Rivera 189

Sweet Music

Berserk Enemies Are Blinded
  • When enemies become Berserk, they are blinded for 3s seconds
  • +122k Basic Damage to Angel and allies
  • +515k Max HP
Maximus Flynn Rider 190

Gift Horse

Allies Buffed When Enemies Studied
  • Allies' basic damage is increased by 30% for each currently studied enemy;This buff can stack up to 1s times
  • +750k Max HP
  • +95k Basic Damage to Maximus and allies
Ian Lightfoot Merlin 193

Quest Ho!

Energy When Enemy Misses
  • +120k Skill Power
  • When a blinded enemy basic attacks Ian or an ally and misses, Ian gains 20s energy
Captain Amelia Captain Hook 194

Pirate's Folly

Team Blue Skills Stronger
  • Captain Amelia and her allies' Blue skills deal 25s% more damage
  • +126k Skill Power to Captain Amelia and allies
  • +120k Basic Damage
Sadness Eeyore 195

Sad Times

Start With Stacks of "Sorrow"
  • Each stack of Sorrow grants allies 5k basic damage
  • Sadness begins each wave with 1s stacks of Sorrow
Lock, Shock, & Barrel Cheshire Cat 196

Bag of Tricks

Kidnapped Enemies are Fatigued
  • Every 8-1s seconds the jack-in-the-box from "Unwanted Present" is on the battlefield, enemies nearby it receive 2 stacks of Fatigue
  • Damage role enemies lose 135k Reality
  • +230k Skill Power
Ian Lightfoot Goliath 197

Magical Memoir

Stronger Reflect Buffs
  • +400k Max HP
  • Reflected damage from Ian deals an additional 120k damage
  • Whenever an ally receives Reflect, Ian also receives Reflect that lasts 1s seconds
Lock, Shock, & Barrel Oogie Boogie 198

Henchman's Disguise

Damage Over Time Makes Scares Longer
  • When a DoT is applied to a scared enemy, the duration of the scare is extended by 5+1s seconds
  • Enemies lose 20s Evasion while they are scared
  • Enemies lose 115k Basic Damage while they are scared
  • +95k Basic Damage to Yellow Team allies
Disgust Flynn Rider 198

Roguish Charm

Gain "Distaste" While Attacking
  • +238k Basic Damage
  • +201k damage to "Ew, Gross" per stack of Distaste
  • Every 6-1s basic attacks, Disgust gains 1 stack of Distaste
Sadness Joy 199

Mixed Emotions

Enemies Have Less Normal Crit
  • +312k Max HP
  • +90k armor to Sadness and allies for the first 10 seconds of each wave
  • -10s normal_crit to enemies for the first 12 seconds of battle
The Manticore Mushu 199

Luck Dragon

Damage Over Time Effects Deal More Damage
  • Manticore deals 4050k Fantastic damage over 15 seconds to enemies when they arrive in battle;This includes heroes summoned mid battle
  • After the first 7 seconds of battle, Damage Over Time effects deal 15s% more damage
Kim Possible Joy 200

Sitch Finder

Studied Enemies are Slower
  • +77k Basic Damage to Kim Possible and allies
  • +585k Max HP to Kim Possible and allies
  • Studied enemies' attack speeds are reduced by 10s%;When Kim Possible KO's a Studied enemy, her Basic Damage is increased by 50% for 1s basic attacks
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker Yzma 200

A Burning Idea

"Electric Nose Warmer" Makes Beakers Faster
  • +158k Skill Power
  • For 10 seconds after Bunsen uses "Electric Nose Warmer", Bunsen also increases new Beakers' basic damage by 150k
  • For 10 seconds after Bunsen uses "Electric Nose Warmer", Bunsen also increases new Beakers' attack and movement speeds by 13s%
Disgust Sadness 202

On Trend

"Uncool Club" Damage Spreads
  • Enemies lose 145k Reality while they are silenced
  • +373k damage to "Uncool Club"
  • "Uncool Club" projectiles jump 5 more times and deal 90-18s% less damage after the initial jump
Kim Possible Darkwing Duck 203

Duck Dial

Block Scare Debuffs
  • +133k Skill Power
  • Tank heroes on team gain 191k Reality
  • When Kim Possible blocks a scare, Kim Possible gains 100k basic damage for 7 seconds
  • Every 3 seconds, Kim Possible has a 20s% chance to block a scare from affecting herself or an ally;If Kim Possible and her allies are not Scared for 8 seconds, Kim Possible's attack speed is increased by 4s% for the rest of the wave.
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker Gizmoduck 205

Don't Push It

Beakers Absorb Ally Damage
  • +160k Skill Power
  • +127k Armor to allies
  • Clones of Beaker divert 8s% of damage dealt to nearby allies to themselves
The Manticore Maximus 205

Royal Quest

Gain Energy when Ally Cursed
  • +220k Armor
  • When "Curse Crusher" removes a Curse from an ally or Manticore, that hero is healed for 820k HP
  • Manticore gains 40s energy when Manticore or an ally is cursed
Fear Anger 205

Fear Not

Start with Stacks of "Dread"
  • Fear begins each wave with 1s stacks of Dread
  • +186k Skill Power
  • +423k Max HP
Kronk Yzma 208

Scavenger Buddies

Convert Freeze Debuffs to Invincibility
  • For the first 5 seconds of each wave, Kronk and his allies are immune to Freezes and instead become Invincible for 1s seconds
  • +91k Reality to Kronk and allies
  • +503k Max HP
Fear Rex 209

Shared Scares

Heal and Give "Hardy" to Allies
  • When Fear basic attacks he also heals the frontmost ally for 440k HP
  • Every 8-s basic attacks, Fear applies 2 stacks of hardy to the frontmost ally. If the frontmost ally is a Tank role ally, Fear also grants them Reflect for 1s seconds. Heroes with Reflect return 100% of damage dealt to them back at the enemy who dealt the damage. This damage cannot be avoided by dodges
  • Tank heroes on team gain 265k Armor
Jim Hawkins Pleakley 211

Toil and Treasure

"Energized" Allies Gain More Energy
  • +165k Skill Power
  • Damage heroes on team gain 138k Skill Power
  • Back and mid Damage Role heroes with Energized gain 8s more energy when they basic attack
Clawhauser Powerline 213

Behind The Scenes

Convert Basic Damage to Armor
  • Clawhauser converts 16s% of his Basic Damage into Armor per Damage role ally and deals Fantastic damage every second to nearby enemies equal to 9s% of his Armor
  • +120k Basic Damage per ally whose role is "Damage"
  • +190k Skill Power
Honey Lemon Hiro Hamada 214

A Deduction!

Slow Enemies Lose Tenacity
  • Enemies with an attack or movement speed slow have their evasion and tenacity reduced by 15s
  • Enemies lose 255k Armor if they are slowed
  • +275k Skill Power
Clawhauser Li Shang 214

Training Tips

Bonus Damage per "Reality"
  • Clawhauser gains 275k Reality for the rest of the wave when an ally is KO'd
  • Each hit from "Donut Toss" deals bonus damage equal to 50s% of Clawhauser's Reality
  • +735k Max HP
Captain Amelia Jim Hawkins 215

Surf's Out

Longer Speed Boost After "Course Correction"
  • Captain Amelia gains 135k basic damage while her attack speed is increased
  • The duration of the attack speed buff from "Course Correction" is increased by 2+1s seconds
  • +63k Armor
  • +175k Skill Power
John Silver Jim Hawkins 215

Cook's Arsenal

Study Hard-hitting Enemies
  • Enemies that deal 10% of John Silver's max HP in a single hit are Studied for 4s seconds
  • +250k Basic Damage
  • Enemies lose 300k Skill Power while they are studied
Swedish Chef Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker 215

Tasty Experiment

Enemies with "Fatigue" are Debuffed
  • Enemies lose 82k Basic Damage
  • Enemies lose 143k Basic Damage per stack of Fatigue they have
  • When Swedish Chef is above 100-15s% of his max HP, he removes a random buff from enemies each time he applies a stack of Fatigue to them
Jim Hawkins Ian Lightfoot 216

Round of Riddles

Control Enemies Have Longer Cooldowns
  • Control role enemies lose 115k Skill Power
  • Control role enemies lose 132k Armor
  • +70k Basic Damage to Jim Hawkins and allies
  • Control Role enemies' skill cooldowns are 10s% longer
Honey Lemon Sally 216

Potion Findings

Enemies Hurt Themselves
  • Enemies with a basic attack buff deal 70s% of their basic damage buffs as Normal damage to themselves
  • +199k Armor to Honey Lemon and allies
  • +346k Armor to allies while they are studied
Kermit Ducky & Bunny 216

Star Power

Allies Become Invincible when "Sap" Removed
  • Kermit and his allies gain 670k Reality for the first 10 seconds of each wave if there is at least 1 Control role enemy
  • When Kermit removes a sap from an ally with "Un-sappy Song" they become Invincible for 2+1s seconds
  • +258k Skill Power
Swedish Chef Linguini & Remy 217

Interesting Eats

More Lobsters from "Lobster Leap"
  • Swedish Chef performs "Lobster Leap" 4 seconds longer and a lobster jumps out and attacks a random enemy every 5-0.7s seconds
  • +167k Reality
  • +147k Armor
John Silver Olaf 219

Frozen Treasure

Become "Berserk" for Each Tank
  • Once per battle when he reaches 1 HP, John Silver becomes Berserk for 2s seconds per Tank role ally on his team not including himself
  • +100k Basic Damage per ally whose role is "Tank"
  • Tank heroes on team gain 300k Reality
Kermit Gonzo 219

Take Two

"Rainbow Connection" Buffs Last Longer
  • Buffs from "Rainbow Connection" last 0.75s seconds longer;Armor and Reality buffs duplicated by "Rainbow Connection" add 30s% more Armor and Reality to Tank role allies
  • Tank heroes on team gain 251k Reality
  • Tank heroes on team gain 191k Armor
  • +108k Basic Damage per ally whose role is "Tank"
Hamm Rex 220

Dangerous Disguises

"Reflect" Heals Tanks
  • Tank heroes on team gain 165k Basic Damage
  • Tank heroes on team gain 245k Skill Power
  • Tank Role allies with Reflect heal 20s% of the damage reflected
Hamm Scrooge McDuck 222

Play Safe

Punish Sapped Enemies
  • Enemies lose 190k Basic Damage while they are sapped
  • Enemies lose 20s Tenacity while they are sapped
  • Enemies lose 20s Evasion while they are sapped
  • Damage role enemies lose 106k Basic Damage
  • Damage role enemies lose 15s% Shield HP
  • +1250k Max HP
Wasabi Syndrome 226

No Sweat-er

Bonus "Plasma Slice" Damage
  • The bonus True damage from this Memory disk can deal a maximum of 6000+15400k Damage
  • Wasabi deals bonus damage with the last hit of "Plasma Slice" equal to 8s% of the Max HP of enemies
  • +292k Skill Power
  • +118k Armor
Wasabi Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker 226

Treacherous Lecture

"Stunning Precision" Grants Wasabi Energy
The Rocketeer Captain Amelia 226

Sneaky Schematics

Bonus True Damage
  • The Rocketeer deals an additional 510k True damage to enemies hit by "Rocket Punch"
  • After the Rocketeer has not performed a basic attack for 5 seconds, his next basic attack deals 5s% of the max HP of enemies he hits as True damage
  • +190k Basic Damage
The Rocketeer Kida 226

Flight Control

Silence Control Enemies
  • "Launch Forth" deals an additional 2100k damage to Control role enemies
  • Control role enemies damaged by "Launch Forth" are also Silenced for 5+1s second
  • +470k Reality
  • +365k Skill Power
Kronk Dr. Drakken 230

Lackey Lessons

Ally Invincibility
  • Once per wave, when the frontmost ally reaches 25% of their max HP, Kronk makes them Invincible for 1s seconds
  • Tank heroes on team gain 180k Armor
  • +255k Skill Power to allies while they are invincible
Mr. Big & Koslov Baloo 230

Polar Freeze

Gain Energy When Enemies Frozen
  • Mr. Big gains 20s energy each time an enemy is Frozen
  • +230k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 133k Reality while they are scared
  • Enemies lose 225k Reality if they are frozen
Demona Goliath 231

Stoney Truce

Use "Piercing Beam" When Revived
Demona The Evil Queen 232

Spellbook Battle

Attack Speed per Scared Enemy
  • +160k Basic Damage per Scared enemy
  • +15s% Attack Speed per Scared enemy
Dr. Drakken Kim Possible 233

Truth Detector

Silence Enemies with High HP
  • After the first 7 seconds of each wave, if enemies are above 50% of their Max HP, they are Silenced for 3s seconds
  • +260k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 225k Armor while they are silenced
  • Enemies lose 205k Reality while they are silenced
Mr. Big & Koslov Judy Hopps 234

Bag 'Em

Gain Attack Speed When Studied
  • Mr. Big's Attack Speed is increased by 40s% for 8 seconds when he is Studied
  • +386k Armor to allies while they are studied
  • +130k Basic Damage per Studied Ally
Dr. Drakken Gizmoduck 235

Villain Elimination

Ally Starts Fight with "Reflect"
  • At the beginning of each wave, Dr. Drakken grants Reflect to the ally with the least HP that lasts 4+1s seconds
  • central line enemies lose 260k Skill Power
  • Allies gain 336k Reality while they are sapped
Barley Lightfoot Ian Lightfoot 235

Hard-Won Gift

Rewards for Quests
  • Barley gains 143k Skill Power each time he or his encouraged ally complete a quest from "Onward!"
  • Once all 3 quests from "Onward!" have been completed, Barley and his encouraged ally become Energized for 4+1s seconds;Allies Energized by Barley gain 100 Energy each time they basic attack
  • +910k Max HP
Fairy Godmother Maximus 235

Mousey Mistake

Energized Allies are Faster
  • While allies are Energized, their attack and movement speeds are increased by 5s%
  • +99k Basic Damage to Fairy Godmother and allies
  • +228k Skill Power
Pocahontas Elsa 236

Fire and Ice

Meeko Steals More Energy
  • "Raccoon Steal" steals 10s more Energy
  • +116k Basic Damage to Red Team allies
  • +216k Skill Power to Yellow Team allies
  • +119k Reality
Barley Lightfoot Merlin 237

Magic 101

Distracted Enemies Lose Armor
  • Enemies lose 15s% of their Armor while distracted by "Heroic Distraction"
  • +190k Armor per ally whose role is "Control"
  • +320k Armor
Fairy Godmother Madam Mim 237

Dual Deeds

Team Takes Less Damage From Reflect
  • After the first 8 seconds of each wave, Fairy Godmother and her allies gain 150k Reality for the rest of the wave
  • Fairy Godmother and her allies take 15s% less damage from damage dealt by Reflect
  • Red Team enemies' Skill Power decreased by 65k
  • Control role enemies lose 120k Skill Power
Pocahontas Kida 239

Winds of Change

Knocked Back Enemies are Slowed
  • When enemies are knocked back their attack and movement speeds are reduced by 7s% for 6 seconds
  • +126k Reality to Red Team allies
  • +119k Basic Damage to Blue Team allies
  • +149k Armor
Carl The Manticore 240

Glad I Cane

"Hey You!" Silence Lasts Longer
  • +176k Skill Power to Carl and allies
  • Enemies lose 125k Reality while they are silenced
  • +920k Max HP
  • Carl's Silence from "Hey You!" lasts 1s seconds longer
Fozzie Bear Mike Wazowski 240

Bear-y Funny

Slowed Enemies Drain Energy
  • +1100k Max HP
  • Enemies lose 170k Reality if they are slowed
  • Enemies with an attack or movement speed reduction lose 7s Energy per second
Russell & Kevin Huey, Dewey, & Louie 241

Dear Ducklings

Faster After "Bird Peck"
  • Basic attacks deal 370k bonus Fantastic Damage for 10 seconds after using "Bird Peck"
  • Russell and Kevin gain 20s% Attack Speed for 10 seconds after using "Bird Peck"
  • +305k Skill Power
Carl Eeyore 243

Blustery Balloon

"Ball Chase" Heals
  • +132k Armor
  • +162k Reality
  • Carl heals himself for 4s% of his Max HP for each Silenced enemy Dug damages with "Ball Chase"
Russell & Kevin Carl 244

Home Sweet Home

Shield Cursed Allies
  • All healing skills from Russell and Kevin apply 20s% of their HP healed as a shield to allies affected by Curse. Shield lasts for 11 seconds
  • +246k Reality to allies while they are cursed.
  • +296k Armor to allies while they are cursed.
Fozzie Bear Kermit 245

Stealing the Show

Gain Attack Speed When Healed
  • +190k Skill Power
  • Support heroes on team gain 160k Skill Power
  • When Fozzie or an ally is healed, Fozzie's attack speed is increased by 4% for the rest of the wave;Fozzie's attack speed can be increased up to a max of 20s% in this way
Esmeralda Robin Hood 245

Disguise Masters

"Breathing Fire" Flames Blind Enemies
Esmeralda Goliath 245


Attack Faster When Djali in Fight
  • +240k Armor to Djali
  • While Djali is in battle, Esmeralda's attack speed is increased by 30s%
  • +195k Basic Damage
Sheriff of Nottingham Scrooge McDuck 245

Lemonade Lessons

Immune to Charms for Duration
  • Control role enemies lose 188k Armor
  • Blue Team enemies' Basic Damage decreased by 160k
  • Blue Team enemies' Skill Power decreased by 210k
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham can deal a maximum of 10000k damage with this Memory Disk
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham is immune to Charms for the first 15+3s seconds of each wave;The Sheriff of Nottingham targets the Control Role enemy with the least HP with "Sharp Shooter" and also deals 17s% of their Max HP as True damage
Sheriff of Nottingham Hamm 245

Pay Back

Bonus Damage to Sapped Enemies
  • +172k Armor
  • +159k Basic Damage per ally whose role is "Support"
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham deals 25s% more damage with his Basic Attacks to Sapped enemies
Shego Kronk 250

Minion Of Mine

Bonus Damage for Damage Role Allies
  • +220k Basic Damage
  • +7s Fantastic Crit
  • Damage Role allies and Shego deal an additional 254k Fantastic damage every 3 Basic Attacks
  • Yellow Team allies gain 125% Attack Speed for 5+1s seconds at the start of each wave
Shego Kim Possible 250

Cloned Companions

Removes Buffs from Damaged Enemies
  • +850k Max HP
  • Shego gains 100k Basic Damage each time she removes an Energized buff up to a max of 500k Basic Damage
  • Every 7-1s Basic Attacks, Shego removes all Energized buffs and 3 random buffs from enemies she hits
Ron Stoppable Kim Possible 250

Be Your Best

Bonus Damage to Stunned Enemies
  • +700k Max HP
  • +155k Basic Damage
  • Ron deals 20s% more damage to Stunned enemies
Ron Stoppable Launchpad McQuack 250

Knot A Fan

Heals After "Naco Chuck"
  • +174k Skill Power
  • Ron heals for 460k HP after using "Naco Chuck"
  • Attack and Movement Speed Slow amount from "Naco Chuck" is increased by 10s%
Quackerjack Lock, Shock, & Barrel 250

Arcade Anarchy

Reduced Damage from Fatigued Enemies
  • Enemies lose 85k Basic Damage per stack of Fatigue on them
  • Enemies can lose up to 15s% of their Basic Damage from this Memory Disk
  • +685k Max HP
  • +70k Armor per ally whose role is "Damage"
Quackerjack Slinky Dog 250

Mysterious A-Peel

Saps Invincible Enemies
  • +160k Armor to the Robot Teddy Bear per Invincible enemy
  • Quackerjack Saps enemies for 4+1s seconds when they become Invincible
  • +215k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 150k Basic Damage while they are invincible
Go Go Honey Lemon 255

Ride The Rails

Block Slow Debuffs
  • +325k Basic Damage
  • When Go-Go blocks a slow, she heals herself for 1100k HP
  • Go-Go blocks Attack and Movement speed slows once every 7-1s seconds;When Go-Go blocks a slow, she gains 5 stacks of Hardy
Go Go Shank 255

Demolition Girls

Bonus Starting Energy
  • +125s Starting Energy
  • +275k Skill Power
  • Tank role enemies lose 400k Armor
Vinny Santorini Anger 255

Fire Hazard

More Damage for Road Flare
  • +250k Reality
  • The road flare from "Road Flare" deals 25k more Normal Damage per second
  • The road flare from "Road Flare" stays on the battlefield 1s seconds longer
Vinny Santorini Mr. Big & Koslov 255

Blast It All

Gain Energy when Enemies Gain Speed
  • +250k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 500k Armor while they have an Attack Speed increase buff
  • When an enemy receives an Attack Speed buff Vinny gains 20s Energy
Gadget Megavolt 260

Failure To Launch

More Damage for Plunger Hold
  • +100k Basic Damage
  • Each plunger fired during "Plunger Hold" deals 100k more Normal Damage
  • Gadget fires 1s more plungers with "Plunger Hold"
Gadget Clawhauser 260

Roller Madness

Gain Energy for Snaring Enemies
  • +150k Skill Power
  • "Strong Pull" max Basic Damage limit is increased by 50k
  • Gadget's Snares last 4 seconds longer and she gains 20s Energy each time she Snares an enemy.
Fred Go Go 260

Go Go Team!

Reduce Cooldown for Smokescreen
  • +225k Armor
  • +275k Reality
  • When an ally is Frozen, the remaining cooldown for "Smokescreen" is reduced by 1s seconds
Fred Barley Lightfoot 260

Collector's Issues

Remove Energy from Blinded Enemies
  • +1600k Max HP
  • +300k Basic Damage
  • When an enemy is Blinded by any source, they lose 100s Energy. Enemies can have Energy removed in this way once every 3 seconds.
Chip & Dale Kronk 260

The Chipmunk Squeaker

Extra Bonus Damage to Allies Boosted by Chipmunk Cheer
  • Allies affected by "Chipmunk Cheer" deal 25k more bonus Damage with their Basic Attacks.
  • Chip & Dale gain 75s Energy when an ally KO's an enemy; Chip & Dale can gain Energy this way once every 10 seconds.
  • +300k Max HP
  • +250k Basic Damage
Chip & Dale Basil of Baker Street 260

Insect Confection

Ranger Plane Stuns and Saps Enemies
  • "Ranger Plane" deals 15k more Normal Damage.
  • "Ranger Plane" has a 20s% chance to Stun and Sap enemies hit for 3 seconds.
  • +200k Max HP
  • +300k Skill Power
Lilo Angel 265

Days Fly By

Gain Energy per Dodge with Hula Help
  • +450k Max HP
  • +175k Skill Power
  • "Scrump Show-And-Tell" Heals 400k more HP over time
  • Lilo gains 20s Energy for each successful Dodge from "Hula Help"
Lilo Russell & Kevin 265

Scavenger Stunt

Hex Scared Enemies
  • +250k Skill Power
  • "Ohana" heals Lilo for an additional 200k HP
  • Enemies gain 50% extra Energy from Basic Attacks while they are Scared or Hexed;Enemies that have 750 or more Energy while Scared also become Hexed for 2s seconds. If enemies attempt to use their active skill while Hexed, they are Stunned for 5 seconds.;Enemies can only be Hexed this way once every 10 seconds
Helga Sinclair The Rocketeer 265

There Be Treasure

Reduce Cooldown of Knife Pin After Using Punch Back
  • +350k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 450k Armor while they are Snared
  • After using "Punch Back", the remaining Cooldown of "Knife Pin" is reduced by 1s seconds
Helga Sinclair John Silver 265

Heart Breaker

Berserk When KO'd
  • +500k Max HP
  • Helga gains 350k Basic Damage while she is Berserk
  • Once per wave, when Helga would be KO'd she Cleanses herself and goes Berserk for 2s seconds;Helga gains 300% Attack Speed and Movement Speed while Berserk;If Helga KOs an enemy while Berserking, she Heals for 100% of her Max HP and the Berserk effect ends
Bolt Cheshire Cat 270

Kitty Calamity

Precise while using Super Speed
  • +100k Skill Power
  • +460k Max HP
  • "Super Speed" deals 200k more Normal Damage;The Armor and Reality reduction from "Super Speed" have a chance to fail against enemies above Level v
  • Bolt is Precise while using "Super Speed";Enemies hit by "Super Speed" have their Armor and Reality decreased by 15s% for 8 seconds
Bolt Clawhauser 270


Improved Basic Attack Effects
  • +205k Basic Damage
  • Each Basic Attack from Bolt Heals him for 10k HP
  • Bolt's Basic attacks now target the enemy with the most Energy and Remove 50s Energy from enemies hit
Ariel Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo 270

Search And Rescue

Reduce Damage Taken when Healed Over Time
  • Ariel and allies take 15s% reduced damage from True Damage when they are affected by a Heal over Time from Ariel.
  • +100k Max HP
  • +80k Reality
Ariel Hector Barbossa 270

Shed A Tear

Gain a Shield when Healed Over Max HP
  • +400k healing to "Fish Squirt"
  • When Ariel or an ally is Healed by one of her skills while they are at full HP, they generate a Shield equal to 20s% of the Heal that lasts for 8 seconds
  • +100k Skill Power
Zeus Hades 275

Note For Disaster

Sapped Enemies Lose Energy
  • +250k Skill Power
  • +300k Max HP
  • "Lightning Storm" deals 100k more Fantastic Damage
  • Zeus uses "Lightning Storm" at the beginning of each wave;When an enemy is Sapped, they lose 5s% of their Energy
Zeus Kevin Flynn 275

Game On

Chain Lightning for Thunderbolt Trap
  • +250k Armor
  • +300k Reality
  • "Thunderbolt Trap" deals 200k more Fantastic Damage
  • Enemies hit by "Thunderbolt Trap" send Chain Lightning to their 2 closest allies;Chain Lightning now reduces Tenacity and Evasion by 20s% for 4 seconds
Phil Honey Lemon 275

Girl Powered

Linked Ally Gains Armor and Reality
  • Phil's Linked ally is Precise and has their Armor and Reality increased by 20s%
  • +150k Basic Damage
  • +200k Max HP
  • +150k Reality
Phil Mike Wazowski 275

Vile Vermin

Linked Ally Gains Basic Damage and Skill Power
  • Phil's Linked ally has their Basic Damage and Skill Power increased by 15s%;Phil gains 150 Energy when his Linked ally KO's an enemy;Phil can only gain Energy this way once every 6 seconds
  • +100k Skill Power
  • +200k Max HP
  • +150k Armor
Mary Sanderson Lock, Shock, & Barrel 275

Triple Threat

Hex Enemies at Beginning of Wave
  • At the beginning of each wave, Mary Hexes enemies for 6 seconds. Enemies that activate this Hex by using their White Skill are Stunned for 6 seconds;Mary gains 50s Energy whenever an enemy activates a Hex from any source.
  • +95k Basic Damage
  • +850k Max HP
  • +110k Armor
Mary Sanderson Sarah Sanderson 275

Putrid Pie

Charmed Enemies Steal Energy
  • Mary's enemies that are Charmed by any source steal 25s Energy when Basic Attacking their allies
  • +95k Reality
  • +850k Max HP
  • +110k Skill Power
Winifred Sanderson Mary Sanderson 275

Toil And Trouble

Bonus Fantastic Damage While Berserk
  • While Berserk, Winifred's Basic Attacks deal 200k bonus Fantastic Damage
  • Winifred gains 30s% Skill Power for every 25% missing HP
  • +400k Max HP
  • +110k Basic Damage
Winifred Sanderson Demona 275

Caution: Children

Heal When Charmed Enemies Deal Damage
  • Winifred gains 75k Basic Damage for each enemy Distracted by "Spellbound" for the rest of the wave, up to a max of 300k Basic Damage. Winifred keeps 33% of this bonus Basic Damage per wave
  • Winifred Heals for 20s% of the damage dealt by Charmed enemies
  • +300k Reality
Sarah Sanderson The Evil Queen 275

Kid Nabbed

Gain Attack Speed per Scared Enemy
  • Sarah's Basic Attacks deal 15k more Fantastic Damage from "Enchanted Melody"
  • Sarah gains 5s% Attack Speed per Scared enemy
  • +300k Skill Power
Sarah Sanderson Winifred Sanderson 275


Slow Enemy Attack and Movement Speed
  • Billy slows the Movement and Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 25s% while he has his head
  • +200k Max HP
  • +300k Reality
  • +300k Armor
Sisu Mushu 275

Shining Star

Allies Take Reduced Damage from Reflect
  • +150k Skill Power
  • +350k Reality to allies while they are shielded
  • +350k Armor to allies while they are shielded
  • Sisu and her allies take 18s% Reduced Damage from Reflect.
Sisu Madam Mim 275


Gain Chance to Dodge After Using Fog Formation
  • +400k Max HP to Sisu and allies
  • +200k Basic Damage
  • Sisu and her 2 closest allies gain 15s% chance to Dodge Skills and Attacks for 5 seconds after she uses "Fog Formation".
Raya Rapunzel 275

Contents Hot

Consume Stacks of Perseverance to Heal
  • +150k Skill Power
  • +600k Max HP
  • "Gem Piece" heals an additional 200k HP.
  • If Raya were to be reduced below 30% of her Max HP and she has at least one stack of Perseverance, she consumes it instead to heal for 20s% of her Max HP. This can only happen once every 8 seconds.
Raya Sisu 275

Bitter Pills

Gain Basic Damage per Stack of Perseverance
  • +300k Basic Damage
  • +250k Armor
  • +250k Reality
  • The bonus Normal Damage gained in "Whip Sword" by consuming stacks of Perseverance is increased by 10k.
  • Raya gains 5s% Basic Damage per stack of Perseverance.
King Triton Ariel 275

Something Fishy

Longer Duration for Maelstrom
  • The base Heal from "Turn The Tide" Heals an additional 25k HP.
  • The whirlpool from "Maelstrom" lasts 0.5s seconds longer.
  • +600k Max HP
  • +120k Skill Power
King Triton Hank & Dory 275

Anyone Home?

Apply Slow When Enemy Shields are Destroyed
  • When King Triton destroys an enemy's Shield with "Maelstrom" or "Trident Bolt" he also applies 4 stacks of Fatigue to them and reduces their Attack and Movement Speed by 50s% for 8 seconds.
  • Enemies lose 250k Armor if they are slowed
  • Enemies lose 250k Reality if they are slowed
Anna The Manticore 275

Ice Cold

Gain Energy and Attack Speed when Attacking Frozen Enemies
  • Anna deals 10k bonus True Damage to Distracted enemies with "Earth Giants".
  • When Anna's allies Basic Attack Frozen enemies, they gain 35s Energy and 60% Attack Speed for 8 seconds.
  • +300k Skill Power
  • +350k Max HP
Anna Kristoff & Sven 275

Triple Check

Additional Believe In You Uses
  • Anna can use "Believe In You" 2 additional times per wave. Anna and allies keep 12s% of the Armor and Reality they gain from "Believe In You" per wave.
  • +150k Reality
  • +150k Armor
Hopper Fear 275


Immunity to Stuns
  • Hopper is Immune to Stuns. When an enemy attempts to Stun Hopper, they are Scared for 8s seconds instead.
  • +300k Max HP
  • +285k Armor
  • +285k Reality
Hopper Sheriff of Nottingham 275

Bird Call

Gain Energy on Knockbacks
  • "Thumper Threat" deals 50k bonus Fantastic Damage when Thumper lands on enemies.
  • When Hopper Knocks Back an enemy with one of his Skills, he gains 50s Energy.;After Hopper Stuns 2 enemies with his Skills, he gains 75% Armor and 50% Tenacity for the rest of the wave.
  • +300k Basic Damage
  • +250k Skill Power
Flik Gadget 275

Suck It Up

Gain Shield when Attacking Studied Enemies
  • When Flik and his allies damage an enemy Studied from any source, they gain a Shield with HP equal to 10s% of their Max HP for 5 seconds. Shields can only be granted this way once every 6 seconds.
  • Enemies lose 200k Armor while they are studied
  • Enemies lose 150k Basic Damage while they are studied
Flik Bolt 275

Tiny But Mighty

Gain Energy when using Hardy
  • Flik gains 50s Energy when he uses a stack of Hardy. He can only gain Energy this way once every 4 seconds.
  • +100k Skill Power to Flik and allies
  • +100k Basic Damage to Flik and allies
  • +175k Max HP to Flik and allies
Pete Mr. Incredible 275

Bowled Over

Take Reduced Damage at Beginning of Wave
  • +300k Armor
  • +300k Reality
  • The Shield from "Foot Folly" is increased by 300k Shield HP.
  • Pete takes 20s% Reduced Damage for the first 7 seconds of each wave.
Pete Minnie Mouse 275

Victory Smells Sweet

Stun Enemies who gain Reflect
  • +250k Basic Damage
  • +300k Skill Power
  • Each bowling ball from "The Split" deals an extra 75k Normal Damage to its initial target.
  • Enemies are Stunned for 3s seconds whenever they gain Reflect.
Bagheera Yax 275

Calm Down

Team gains Energy when going Invisible
  • Bagheera and his allies gain 80s Energy each time they become Invisible. Each Hero can only gain energy this way once every 10 seconds.
  • +350k Skill Power to allies while they are Invisible
  • Enemies lose 400k Reality while they are scared
Bagheera Baloo 275

Park Here

Team Heals and gains Hardy after Invisibility
  • Each time Bagheera or his allies lose Invisibility, they Heal 15s% of their Max HP and gain 5 stacks of Hardy.
  • +400k Armor
  • +250k Reality
  • +1250k Max HP
Kaa Chip & Dale 275

A Quick Bite

Charms Additional Enemies with Hypnotic Stare
  • Kaa now Charms 2 enemies with "Hypnotic Stare".;Enemies Charmed by "Hypnotic Stare" now have their Armor and Reality reduced by 10s% for the rest of the wave after the Charm duration ends.
  • +300k Skill Power to allies
  • +350k Skill Power
Kaa Scar 275

Under My Spell

Gain Armor and Reality when Snaring Enemies
  • "Tail Grab" deals an additional 400k Normal Damage.
  • When Kaa Snares an enemy with one of his skills, he gains 3s% Armor and 3s% Reality until the end of the wave.
  • +1000k Max HP
  • +500k Max HP to Kaa and allies
Namaari Raya 275

Pet Pursuit

Gain Invincible at Start of Wave
  • At the start of each wave, Namaari gains 8 seconds of Invincibility.;Each time Namaari or allies apply Weakness, Namaari heals for 25s% of her Max HP.
  • +600k Max HP
  • +300k Armor
  • Enemies lose 225k Basic Damage while they are Weakened
Namaari Maleficent 275

Dragon Hunt

Apply Fatigue to Weakened Enemies
  • When Namaari or allies apply Weakness to an enemy with 2 stacks of Weakness, they also remove 50s Energy, and apply 4 stacks of Fatigue. Namaari and allies can each trigger this effect once every second.
  • +250k Basic Damage
  • +200k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 150k Armor per stack of Fatigue they have
The Horned King Shan Yu 275

Wake The Dead

Cauldron Born Soldiers Distract Enemies
  • "Arise!" Heals 85k more HP.
  • Every 3 Basic Attacks, Soldiers Distract nearby enemies for 2s seconds.
  • Enemies lose 600k Max HP per stack of Fatigue they have
The Horned King Disgust 275

Bid Defiance

Gain Energy on Enemy or Ally KO
  • When an ally or enemy is KO'd, the Horned King gains 75s Energy. The Horned King can gain energy in this way once every 4 seconds.
  • +200k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 200k Reality while they are scared
The Underminer Vinny Santorini 275

Tunnel Vision

Increase Normal Crit and Crit Damage
  • "Miner Explosion" deals an additional 50k Fantastic Damage to surrounding enemies.
  • The Underminer gains 13s+v Normal Crit and 13s+v Crit Damage.;These stats also increase with this Memory Disk's Level.
  • +150k skill_power to The Underminer and allies for the first 10 seconds of each wave
  • +400k Max HP
The Underminer Violet 275

Pop Quiz

Remove Energy with Knockbacks
  • "Jack Hammer" deals 10k more Normal Damage to all enemies.
  • Enemies Knocked back by The Underminer lose 30s Energy. This can happen once every 6 seconds.
  • +150k Basic Damage to Red Team allies
  • Damage heroes on team gain 350k Max HP
Voyd Elastigirl 275

Siren's Call

Enemy Armor and Reality Reduction
  • "Portal Push" deals 400k more Fantastic Damage.
  • Enemies affected by "Portal Push" lose 18s% Armor and Reality for 14 seconds.
  • +500k Armor
  • +1000k Max HP
Voyd Wasabi 275

Physical Science

Slows enemy Attack and Movement Speed
  • After allies' Invincibility from "Ally-Oop" wears off they Slow the Attack and Movement Speed of nearby enemies by 18s% for 12 seconds.
  • +400k Basic Damage to allies while they are invincible
  • +450k Skill Power to Voyd and allies
Daisy Duck Donald Duck 275

Rough Seas Ahead

Stun enemies who Charm allies
  • When an enemy Charms Daisy or her allies, that enemy is Stunned for 3s seconds. Each enemy can be Stunned this way once every 10 seconds.
  • +400k Reality
  • +800k Max HP
  • Enemies lose 350k Skill Power
Daisy Duck Fear 275

Handbag Havoc

Scare Silenced Enemies and Damage Scared Enemies
  • Daisy's Basic Attacks deal an additional 200k+2sp Fantastic Damage to Scared enemies.
  • Whenever Daisy or her allies damage Silenced enemies, they have a 10s% chance to Scare them for 8 seconds.
  • +350k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 400k Reality while they are scared
Pacha Kronk 275

Dance-off Duo

Allies Heal Over Time
  • Allies affected by "Friendly Encouragement" are also Healed for 17s% of their Max HP over 3 seconds.
  • Gains 20s + v Tenacity for each 10% missing HP
  • +1050k Max HP to Pacha and allies
Pacha Bo Peep 275

Wearable Wool

Wheelbarrow Plow Gives Bonus Armor and Reality
  • "Wheelbarrow Plow" deals 50k more Normal Damage.
  • Pacha gains 12s% bonus Armor and Reality for 10 seconds when he uses "Wheelbarrow Plow".
  • +300k Armor
  • +400k Reality
Snow White Ariel 275

Fins Of Friendship

Blind Enemies who would Stun
  • When an enemy would Stun Snow White or her allies, that enemy is instead Blinded for 3s seconds. This can happen to each enemy once every 10 seconds.
  • +450k Armor
  • Enemies lose 350k Basic Damage while they are Blinded
  • Enemies lose 350k Skill Power while they are Blinded
Snow White Cheshire Cat 275

Home Spun Around

Buff Charmed Enemies
  • While Charmed by Snow White, enemies gain an additional 14s% Basic Damage and 70% Attack Speed.
  • +350k Skill Power
  • Enemies lose 400k Armor while they are Blinded
  • Enemies lose 400k Reality while they are Blinded
Princess Aurora Snow White 275

Curable Curse

Aurora Heals When Removing Buffs
  • +350k Reality to Princess Aurora and allies
  • +250k Max HP to Princess Aurora and allies
  • When Aurora removes 6 Buffs from the enemy team, she Heals for 8s% of her Max HP.
Princess Aurora Fairy Godmother 275

Wishing Works

Extra Reality Decrease for Fairy Helpful
  • Enemies lose 300k Armor while they are Snared
  • Enemies lose 1.5v Tenacity
  • "Fairy Helpful" Decreases Reality by an extra 7s%.
Prince Phillip Phil 275

Halfway Heroics

Reduce damage taken
  • +150k Armor to Prince Phillip and allies
  • +100k Reality to Prince Phillip and allies
  • +1000 Starting Energy
  • When Phillip has his heater shield equipped, he and nearby allies take 8s% less Normal Damage.
Prince Phillip Princess Aurora 275

Nap Time

Increase Skill Power when Shielded
  • +50 + v Crit Damage to allies while they are shielded
  • +800k Max HP to Prince Phillip and allies
  • When Phillip Shields allies, they also gain 10s% bonus Skill Power for 8 seconds
Milo Thatch Winifred Sanderson 275

A Clever Ruse

Gain Energy from Studied Enemies
  • When Milo or his allies damage a Studied enemy, they gain 50s Energy. Milo and his allies can each gain Energy this way once every 5 seconds.
  • Enemies lose 280k Armor while they are studied
  • +250k Skill Power to Milo Thatch and allies
Milo Thatch Vinny Santorini 275

No Joke

Gain Armor and Reality from Here's The Plan
  • When Milo's "Here's The Plan" prevents a Debuff, Milo and all allies gain 20s% Armor and 20s% Reality for 10 seconds. Milo and his allies can gain Armor and Reality this way once every 15 seconds.
  • +280k Armor to Milo Thatch and allies
  • +280k Reality to Milo Thatch and allies
Duff Killigan Pete 275

In The Rough

Gain Energy when Damaging Stunned Enemies
  • Duff gains 50s Energy when he damages Stunned enemies. Duff can gain Energy this way once every 5 seconds.
  • Enemies lose 300k Reality while they are Stunned.
  • +140k Skill Power
Duff Killigan Ron Stoppable 275


Reduced Damage Taken while using Double Clubbed
  • Duff takes 20s% Reduced Damage while using "Double Clubbed".;The Healing cooldown on "Super Grass" gets reset each time Duff KO's an enemy.
  • Enemies lose 250k Basic Damage while they are Shattered.
  • +1000k Max HP